SUNSCAD Councilors

The SUNSCAD Council is an integral part of the student union that works alongside the Executives. There are 20 positions, separated into 9 Divisional Representatives and 11 Constituency Representatives.

Current 2017/2018 Elected SUNSCAD Council Representatives 


Art History Rep – Erin Riehl (

Design Rep – Robin Go (

Craft Rep – N/A (

Accessibility Rep – N/A (

Indigenous rep – N/A (

Racialized Rep – N/A (

Member at Large – N/A (

MFA Rep – N/A (

Women’s Rep – N/A (

Film Rep – Blossom Mendoza (

Foundation Rep – N/A (

International Rep –  Linda Zhang (

Media Art Rep – N/A (

Fine Art rep – N/A (

Mature Student Rep – N/A (

Port Campus rep – N/A (

LGBTQ Rep – N/A (


Divisional Representatives

  • Art History & Critical Studies Representative
  • Craft Representative
  • Design Representative
  • Fine Art Representative
  • Film Representative
  • Foundation Representative
  • Graduate Representative
  • Media Arts Representative
  • Port Campus Representative

Constituency Representatives

  • Indigenous Students’ Representative
  • Accessibility Representative
  • Black Students’ Representative
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Representative
  • International Students’ Representative
  • Mature Students’ Representative
  • Member at Large
  • Part-time Students’ Representative
  • Students Living in Residence Representative
  • Racialized Students’ Representative
  • Women’s Representative

Duties of Councilors

  • Act as a liaison between the group of students who are being represented and the Council.
  • Organize a committee, as necessary, to better address the needs of students who are being represented.
  • Maintain the right to receive funding for the students who are being represented.
  • Help the Executive in the dissemination of the information and implementation of campaigns.
  • Maintain the right to sit on University committees as determined by the Council (not including SUNSCAD committees).
  • Be a member of at least two of the following SUNSCAD committees:
    • a) External Committee
    • b) Internal Committee
    • c) Constitutional Review Committee
    • d) Academic Committee

If you are interested in being part of the SUNSCAD Council, click here for the Nomination form!

Want more information? Contact Tara Fleming at or call (902) 494-8132