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Elections 2016

2016 SUNSCAD Elections are open!

If you are interested in becoming a Divisional Representative, Constituency Representative or occupy an Executive position now would be the time to act!

  • The Nominations open on March 1st,
  • The Nominations close on March 8th,
  • Campaigning must be finished by March 22nd
  • Voting will take place over three days, there will be voting stations present at all three campuses March 23rd, 24th and 25th
  • All the new Divisional Representatives, Constituency Representatives and Executive positions will be ratified at an AGM on March 30th

In order to run for any of these positions you must fill out a nomination form.

If you are interested in running a polling station, or counting ballots contact our CRO at

If you have any questions on the SUNSCAD Elections, please email us at, or drop into the office!

Students’ Union for NSCAD University statement on cuts to Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit


For Immediate Release

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Students’ Union for NSCAD University statement on cuts to Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit

Halifax – The Students’ Union for NSCAD University, alongside members of the Nova Scotia Community College Screen Arts Program, stand in solidarity against the Liberal Party’s cuts to the Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit. We also condemn measures announced in last week’s provincial budget that deregulate tuition fees for all students in Nova Scotia, and cut university funding.

The provincial budget cuts provincial funding to universities for the fifth consecutive year in a row. These cuts have a direct impact on the quality of education students receive in the classroom. Cuts to post-secondary education funding and the creative industry have; greatly damaged our reputation as a school with a stable environment for prospective students, forced NSCAD University to shut down major classes, and lay-off faculty, put the NSCAD film program in danger of losing funding, sponsorship, reliable equipment, and credibility as a leading film program in Canada.

The systematic underfunding of our schools by the NS government has and will affect not only our education, but also that of any future generations of film, media, and arts students. NSCAD University will be hit particularly hard by the elimination of the provincial student bursary for out-of-province students. This bursary played an important role in NSCAD’s ability to attract students from across Canada to attend our school.

NSCAD will also be disproportionality impacted by the millions of dollars being cut in provincial support for the film industry. Our film program is heavily reliant on donations from the Atlantic Film Cooperative (AFCOOP) and William F. Whites, for both equipment and training. AFCOOP also provides invaluable support to our graduates through their FILM5 program. Cuts to the film industry will destroy these vital supports to our members.

Cuts to the Nova Scotia Film Credit leave our students and graduates with uncertain prospects in Nova Scotia. Many of our members expected to go on and work in the province’s booming film industry. With the provincial government seemingly set to destroy this industry, they will have no choice but to leave our province. This uncertainty also affects hundreds of students at the Nova Scotia Community College..

Students feel cheated, lied to, and robbed. We have a right to a post-secondary education, and the right to work in an industry that attracted us to Nova Scotia. We strongly encourage the provincial government to work with stakeholders in the film industry to save the thousands at jobs they have unnecessarily put at risk.

For more information contact

Yalitsa Riden, 902-452-4373,

Raghed Charabaty, 902-802-8554,