SUNSCAD Elections 2019

The voting period will be taking place on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, March 26th: 11am-2pm, All Campuses
  • Wednesday, March 27th: 11am-2pm, All Campuses. 5-8pm, Fountain Campus
  • Thursday, March 28th: 11am-2pm, All Campuses

We will update this page with information on your candidates as they submit campaign points. See below for more information on who is running for what position.

Full List of Candidates:

Kassidy BernardDesign RepKatrina Thomas
VP FinancePeri McFarlaneMedia Arts RepEric Duplessis
VP ExternalAsha Galloway
Accessibility RepEmma Barrett
Jacey ByrneMember at LargeLillian Barrett
VP InternalOlivia FayRacialized RepClara Chen


Kassidy Bernard

  • Build connections for students to access resources, supports, and decision making spaces (such as the Board of Governors, Senate, SUNSCAD Council)
  • Incorporate experience from past year to improve upon current state of the student union; improved food bank and kitchenette space, communication pathways, presence on campus, signage, and more student job opportunities
  • Continue to work on issues affecting students, including debt from increased tuition rate and lack of support on campus for those most marginalized
  • Empower students by disseminating information on our rights, our ability to fight for a common goal, and understanding our role as a student body; through more tabling and discussion opportunities, improved announcement procedures, class talks, and council meetings or general assemblies

VP Internal

Olivia Fay

  • Find equity between students and the institution
  • Plan community building events that enhance students’ experience
  • Use organization and communication skills to effectively circulate important informationHelp to create a student union that positively impacts students‘ lives

Racialized Rep

Clara Chen

  • I’m a second year Expanded Media and Animation student who’s running to be your Racialized Rep. I hope to create more meetings and safe spaces for BIPOCUS (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), to foster open discussions related to the racialized experience. I’m also interested in creating spaces for language exchange: having informal meetings where we focus on learning and/or teaching a language, as we miss out on that subject in an art university. 

Accessibility Rep

Emma Barrett


I’m a second-year student at NSCAD currently in the Interdisciplinary stream, who has struggled with issues related to mental health for most of my life. Within a school setting, especially one in which standardized grading systems are in place, and keeping up with due dates and academia is expected, it can be really difficult for people with accessibility concerns of any kind to feel that their time here is anything other than trying to survive the experience of post-secondary education. I would love to start trying to foster an environment in which people with any number of diverse accessibility concerns have a better opportunity and more resources to thrive in creative and academic exploration at this institution and beyond. 


  • To maintain a relationship with members of the student body in need of accessibility services of any kind, and to communicate their needs/concerns with SUNSCAD
  • To keep up-to-date with information about accessibility resources in and around NSCAD, such as: available financial assistance (grants, bursaries), accessible programs and activities within the school, accessible arts-related venues in the community, etc.
  • To maintain regular communication with Bill Travis, NSCAD’s Disability Resource Facilitator
  • To attend SUNSCAD meetings and committees, and be an active part of student politics at NSCAD