Mental Health Resource Guide

Hello, current and future NSCAD students!

This is a guide to using NSCAD University resources, other Halifax university resources, and community supports to best manage and fulfill your own mental health needs.

If you have an urgent mental health issue and are in need of immediate care or assistance, please contact

If you are looking for a quick point of contact at NSCAD, please reach out to Bill Travis at the Office of Student Experience. His email is and he is the Disability Resource Coordinator at NSCAD. He can help you schedule appointments or direct you to other resources. You can also call his office at 902.494.8313 during office hours on weekdays.

Another useful point of contact is the SUNSCAD office located between the Student Lounge and the Learning Commons in the Duke block. Tara Fleming, our staff person, is available during office hours Tuesday-Thursday, and can answer questions about services available through the Greenshield Health Plan. Our SUNSCAD executives can also help you navigate NSCAD’s resources and other services in Halifax.

As we work with the NSCAD University administration to create better mental health programming and policy, we have created this guide to help you navigate our current services. If there are services that you need access to that you don’t see here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We need student feedback on current services so that we can work to improve them, and we will do our best to direct you to the resources you need in the meantime.