SUNSCAD Executives

There are 6 executive members of the student union who are elected by NSCAD students every year. The elected term begins on May 1, and ends on April 30 the following year.

Here are your SUNSCAD Executives for 2018 – 2019:

President                      Kassidy Bernard

Kassidy Bernard - President 2018/19


–   Maintains efficient administration of SUNSCAD.

–   Represents SUNSCAD on the NSCAD Board of Governors.

–   Represents SUNSCAD on the Academic Senate

–   Liaises with the Alumni Association and FUNSCAD.

–   Organizes student representation on all internal University Committees.



VP Financial                    Peri McFarlane

Peri McFarlane- VP Financial 2018/19


–   Responsible for the oversight of SUNSCAD budget.

–   Represents SUNSCAD on the NSCAD Board of Governors.

–   Responsible for maintaining active communication with the members of the NSCAD Board of Governors.

–   Responsible for preparing SUNSCAD yearly budget for the AGM.

–   Responsible for the oversight of Collectives.



VP Academic                Isa Wright

Isa Wright - VP Academic 2018/19


–   Responsible for the development and formulation of policy on academic matters.

–   Advocates for students on academic matters.

–   Represents SUNSCAD on the Academic Senate.

–   Represents SUNSCAD on university committees.



VP Cultural                    Fern Pellerin


–   Responsible for development of campaigns with VP External.

–   Responsible for formulation of policy on social justice and human rights issues with VP External.

–   Acts as the liaison between local artist run centres and SUNSCAD.

–   Acts as the liaison between local non-profits, social justice organizations and SUNSCAD.

–  Coordinates the NSCAD Foodbank.



VP Internal                    Vacant


–   Responsible for effective outreach to members of SUNSCAD and the NSCAD student body.

–   Monitors and update NSCAD bulletin boards.

–   Coordinates at least one event per semester.

–   Works with VP Cultural to coordinate workshops and information sessions pertaining to issues in the NSCAD community.

–   Manages the petty cash fund.

–   Coordinates the yearly student art publication, “Free Coffee”.


VP External                    Vacant


– Maintains the Union’s relationship with CFS-NS and CFS-FCEE.

– Responsible for implementing student campaigns which pertain to social justice and human rights, with VP Cultural.

– Coordinates attendance to conferences and meetings of affiliate student organizations and is one of the delegates that attends such events.

– Sits on at least one other committee within the University.

– Chairs the external committee of the Union.