Food Bank

The SUNSCAD Food Bank is located in Fountain Campus behind the kitchenette. Swing by and pick up ingredients for dinner on your way home.

Note: Due to COVID-19, we have made changes to the food bank service. Please visit SUNSCAD.org/COVID-19 to view these changes.

SUNSCAD can help you locate possible employment. Email suadmin@nscad.ca to inquire.

Health Plan

We are part of the CFS National Student Health Network which enables us to provide each student with a Green Shield Canada health plan.

Mental Health

This is a guide to using NSCAD University resources, other Halifax university resources, and community supports to best manage and fulfill your own mental health needs.

Meet the Team


There are six executive members of the student union who are elected by NSCAD students every year.


The SUNSCAD Council is an integral part of the student union that works alongside the Executives.


SUNSCAD hires one full-time staff person to help out with administrative work all year.

What’s Happening at SUNSCAD

clubs and Collectives

Clubs and collectives are formed by members of the student body in order to unite individuals around common issues, activities, or goals.

Free Coffee

Free Coffee is an annual student publication exhibiting student art work and writing.