As the Student Union of NSCAD University we would like to recognize and validate all student experiences. Especially those of racism at NSCAD.

We would like to recognize that NSCAD is an institution built on the unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq, the territory of the Mi’kmaq. As Treaty people, we are committed to reconciliation. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) peoples first signed with the British Crown in 1725.

As a union of students operating within a colonizing university, we must fulfill our responsibility to fight collectively and collaboratively for such outcomes as free and universal education, which are themselves aspects of the project of decolonization, as well as other outcomes which are in the interest of First Nations students at NSCAD.

We recognize that Nova Scotia is the home to over 50 African Nova Scotian communities, whose culture, heritage and histories have been, and remain a key part of this province for more than 400 years.

We want to acknowledge students that have come through NSCAD and had traumatic experiences due to racism. Their experiences are real. This is a conversation that has been ongoing and is an important one that needs to be addressed until we have created a safer and more inclusive environment at NSCAD.

As the institution works towards creating a more inclusive environment, SUNSCAD encourages students to reach out to their student union if you or anyone you know has had recent experiences at the school and would like to see that addressed.


Food Bank

The SUNSCAD Food Bank is located in Fountain Campus behind the kitchenette. Swing by and pick up ingredients for dinner on your way home.


From time to time SUNSCAD hires students. Keep an eye on your e-mail for the SUNSCAD dispatch which will have listed  job opportunities

Health Plan

We are part of the CFS National Student Health Network which enables us to provide each student with a Green Shield Canada health plan.

Meet the Team


There are five executive members of the student union who are elected by NSCAD students every year.


The SUNSCAD Council is an integral part of the student union that works alongside the Executives.


SUNSCAD has one full-time staff person to help out with administrative work all year.

What’s Happening at SUNSCAD

Clubs and Collectives

Clubs and collectives are formed by members of the student body in order to unite individuals around common issues, activities, or goals.

Free Coffee

Free Coffee is an annual student publication exhibiting student artwork and writing.

Helpful Resources for New & Current Students

Students’ Mental Health Resources

SUNSCAD collected the following information from the Mindful Campus program coordinator Courtney Connor to help students navigate their educational journeys as smoothly as possible.

↓ ↓ About NSCAD’s trip to Greece ↓ ↓

SUNSCAD seeked information from the source to address students’ concerns and to protect students’ right of information. Here’s the information that Dr. Peggy Shannon shared with us regarding the trip’s logistics ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Let’s Welcome These Amazing Individuals to Our NSCAD Community!

Download the Jess x SUNSCAD

↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ Information Interview

In order to introduce the new position of Accessibility Learning Strategist held by Jess Johnson, SUNSCAD gathered FAQs from students via Instagram over a certain period of time to clarify how accessibility will look like in the upcoming Fall semester going forward. Please reach out to Jess for any questions or concerns via her email:

Courtney Connor (they/she)
Mindful Campus Program Coordinator

Courtney is a Mi’kma’ki-based, queer, intersectional-feminist who is at NSCAD to lead the Mindful Campus Initiative– a federally-funded national project directed at improving overall wellbeing on art & design campuses across Canada.

Courtney believes in the importance of an anti-oppressive, holistic, and trauma-informed approach, allowing her to connect and engage with the communities she serves in a meaningful and impactful way. They are passionate about feminism, 2SLGBTQ+ issues, anti-racism, community development, changemaking, justice reform, creative practices, conflict resolution, youth empowerment, and the intersection of academics and praxis. (source: NSCAD Student Life Instagram Account)

What’s the Mindful Campus Program all about?

Participating in Mindful Campus will help you learn to pay better attention and connect with the present so you can be more intentional about your response. Basically, you’ll learn a set of practices that will help you manage stress and anxiety while building your capacity to cope. That way you can be your most authentic, creative, and thriving self. (source: NSCAD Student Life Instagram Account)

More Amazing NSCAD Community Members To Meet Coming Soon!