All students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Charter of Student Rights & Responsibilities as outlined in each year’s Academic Calendar. The Academic Calendar is also available in print form at the Office of Student and Academic Services on the second floor of the Granville Campus.

All students should also be familiar with the policies below.

More policies concerning student behaviour and responsibilities can be found on the NSCAD website, under Academics and Administration, under Policies and Documents, Forms & Publication.


Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Contact Human Resources

Academic Integrity

Policy on Academic Integrity (Including Plagiarism) for Students

Contact Office of Academic Affairs and Research

Students w/ Disabilities

General Policy on Students with Disabilities

Contact Accessibility Office Staff

Jennifer Abrahamson
Accessibility Office Staff/Registered Counselling Therapist
(902) 717 6708

Book an appointment: https://nscad.janeapp.com/locations/fountain-campus/book#/staff_member/2

Sexualized Violence

Sexualized Violence Policy

Contact VP of Academic and Research (Students and Visitors) and/or Director of Human Resources (NSCAD Employees)

Ann-Barbara Graff, Ph.D.
Vice-President, Academic and Research
(902) 494 8125

Director of Human Resources
(902) 494-8131