Health Plan

We are part of the Canadian Federation of Students’ National Student Health Network which enables us to provide each student with a Green Shield Canada health plan. Each student is automatically opted into the health plan. It is a yearly plan starting on September 1st, going through until August 31st of the following year. If you decide to take a semester abroad, your insurance will cover travel for 60 days; periods of longer travel will require you to top up your insurance coverage.

International Students

International students MUST purchase health insurance through the Office of Student Experience (OSE) and will be removed from classes if the insurance is not in place by the beginning of the semester. An international orientation meeting will be held each Fall prior to the start of classes. For further information or clarification please contact Joann Reynolds-Farmer at or (902) 494-8147. She has informative brochures in five languages and can direct you to more language sources on line.

For domestic students your Green Shield Health Plan number is SUN(student ID#) – 00 ie, SUN12345-00.


If you already have extended coverage and would like to opt-out of the plan, you must do so during the opt-out period, which is the first term that you start school.

The Fall Semester opt-out period is September 1 – 30

If they start in the Winter term the opt-out period would be January 1 – 31. If they miss the opt-out period they will not be able to opt-out of the plan until the next year. During this same period students can pay extra and opt-in dependents to the plan.

For more info on family opt-in please speak to the SUNSCAD Resource coordinator, Tara, at (902) 494-8127 in the SUNSCAD office Fountain Campus (D-250).

How to Opt-out
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Student Site (very bottom right corner of page)
  3. Click Student Union of NSCAD in the white bar (near top of list)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page select opt out.
  5. Click opt out. Fill out form. Print out your confirmation and save your e-mail confirmation
  6. SUNSCAD will issue reimbursement cheques, stop into the office a month after the deadline to pick yours up.

For any issues arising from the Health Insurance Coverage, please contact the Resource Coordinator in the SUNSCAD office, Tara Fleming. Email Tara at or phone (902) 494-8127.