Health Plan

If you are a domestic student taking 9 credits you will automatically be added to the student health plan GreenShield. You won’t have to do anything. Your health plan will kick in approximately Oct 15th because Sept is the month everyone opts out and we aren’t sure who will be on the plan until then. You will be covered from Sept 1-Aug 31. If you need to get prescriptions etc…, just hold onto your receipts and then submit them for reimbursement later on in Oct. Here is some info on the plan.

The general coverage is

  • $1000 Psychology services( $85 covered / visit)
  • $750 Basic dental (co pay is 30%)
  • $2000 Medical (co pay 20%)
  • $100 every 2 years for glasses or contacts and a free eye exam
  • 60 Travel coverage outside of the country
  • Online Mental Health Services
  • Mobile App, Pocket Pills for easy prescription refills
  • Recent Grads Plan
  • Legal advice for things ranging from landlord, employer, criminal, immigration, and mor
  1. Go to


You don’t receive a Green Shield health card. If you want one you can make one online through the Green Shield website or stop by the SUNSCAD office on Thursday between 10-2 when you have 5min and I can make one for you. To use the plan you just need to know:

Provider: Green Shield

Policy number: SUN(Student ID# without the first two zero’s)-00

Ex. ID# 0011223


You can register starting in the middle of Oct, once Green Shield knows about you. That is the easiest way and fastest way to get reimbursed for claims. Here is info on how to do that.


Printing your Card:

  • Go to
  • After Registering, log into your Green Shield account
  • Click on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner
  • Click “Your GSC Account”
  • Click “Print my ID Card”

If you have questions regarding the Green Shield plan please e-mail the Resource Coordinator Tara Fleming at 

International Students

International students MUST purchase health insurance through the Office of Student Experience (OSE) and will be removed from classes if the insurance is not in place by the beginning of the semester. An international orientation meeting will be held each Fall prior to the start of classes. For further information or clarification please contact the International Coordinator Colleen Ralph at

For domestic students your Green Shield Health Plan number is SUN(student ID#) – 00 ie, SUN12345-00.


If you already have extended coverage and would like to opt-out of the plan, you must do so during the opt-out period, which is the first term that you start school.

The Fall Semester opt-out period is September 1 – 30

If they start in the Winter term the opt-out period would be January 1 – 31. If they miss the opt-out period they will not be able to opt-out of the plan until the next year. During this same period students can pay extra and opt-in dependents to the plan.

For more info on family opt-in please speak to the SUNSCAD Resource coordinator, Tara, at

How to Opt-out
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Take Me To”
  3. Click on “Student Center”
  4. In Select Your School box click “Student Union of NSCAD University”
  5. Click “See My Plan Details”
  6. Click “Click here to opt out”
  7. Follow prompts. Print out your confirmation and save your e-mail confirmation
  8. SUNSCAD will issue reimbursement cheques in the mail to the address listed in the opt out process.

For any issues arising from the Health Insurance Coverage, please contact the Resource Coordinator in the SUNSCAD office, Tara Fleming. Email Tara at