SUNSCAD hires one full-time staff person to help out with administrative work all year.

Resource Coordinator

Tara Fleming

  • Assist and support the SUNSCAD Executives.
  • Assisting SUNSCAD Executives with the production of the Annual Report for the year-end
  • Assist at the Annual General Meeting
  • Assisting VP Finance with development of financial strategy and long-term financial planning.
  • Reporting to the SUNSCAD President on a day-to-day basis.
Other Student Positions


  • Responsible for calling and organizing Council, General and Annual General Meetings.
  • Help develop an agenda for each meeting.

Chief Returning Officer

  • Responsible for organizing SUNSCAD Counsellor, Executive and Valedictorian Elections.
  • Responsible for following and keeping track of electoral protocols.

SUNSCAD Secretary              

  • Takes notes for all Executive, Council, General and Annual General Meetings.
  • Gather all Council availabilities and schedule Executive and Council meetings on behalf of the President when needed.

SUNSCAD Student Designer               

  • Design for miscellaneous needs of SUNSCAD as they arise, including but not limited to interior design for our SUNSCAD spaces, graphic design for event posters and other printed matter.

Food Bank Assistants              

  • Assist with cleaning and maintenance of the food bank and kitchenette space between deliveries.
  • Stock the food bank during delivery by Feed NS.