Clubs are formed by members of the student body to organize recreational activities. Clubs are ratified annually and require 10 signatures from interested students. Clubs and Collectives can apply for funding from SUNSCAD, this includes supplies for activities, events, food for gatherings etc. Forms can be found here.

If you have a club you’d like to start for the 2022-2023 school year, an existing club you’d like to have ratified again, or would like to apply for funding fill out the form linked above!

Active Clubs

Student Organizer – Jia Wang

NSCAD Chinese Student Association (NCSA) helps international NSCAD students better integrate into Canada and the university environment, and learn the latest information about NSCAD. It also provides new students with counselling, student life opportunities, and graduate employment guidance.

NSCAD Zine Rack
Student Organizer – Deirdre Sokolowski

The Zine Rack is working with the NSCAD Art Supply Store to redistribute zines created by current students and alumni.ย 

We would like to continue paying students upfront for their work, to have funds for updated signage when needed, supplies for students to use (such as the long-arm stapler that we purchased last semester) and possibly a new rack as the last one did not fit the pegs of the wall as we found out in the summer.ย 

Photography Club
Student Organizer – Keely Hopkins

Photography Club is intended to be a space for all members of the NSCAD community who are interested in photography and lens-based arts to gather. The club encourages learning in a peer-led environment and intends to provide a collaborative photographic environment for its members.

The Midnight Film Society
Student Organizer – Deirdre Sokolowski

The Midnight Film Society is the current Film Club at NSCAD. We hold weekly screenings of films that we have purchased for the students to show them films that they would not normally see in class or unfortunately in theatres in Halifax as we do not have any independent theatres that are accessible.ย