Incorporated on November 25th, 1970, the Student Union of NSCAD University (SUNSCAD) is the collective voice for full-time and part-time students of NSCAD University. SUNSCAD advocates and represents the students of NSCAD through our Executives, Councillors, and Representatives. SUNSCAD strives to promote the artistic, educational, social, professional, and recreational activities of NSCAD Students.

SUNSCAD is also a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS/FCEÉ). Through the CFS, SUNSCAD is able to work with over half a million members to provide services, and also to advocate student issues provincially and nationally.

Decisions in how SUNSCAD is run is decided upon our members, which are full-time and part-time NSCAD students. Members of the Union vote for the Executive members and Councillors every year. Around the beginning and end of each academic year, SUNSCAD will hold Annual General Meetings, where important decisions such as the SUNSCAD budget, by-law reviews and ratifying Council members are made.


There are six executive members of the student union who are elected by NSCAD students every year. The SUNSCAD executive consists of the following:

  • President
  • VP Academic
  • VP Equity
  • VP External
  • VP Finance
  • VP Internal

For more information on what each position entails, click here.


There are 29 Councillors of SUNSCAD, which consists of 2 types of representatives

  • Divisional Representatives
  • Constituency Representatives

The SUNSCAD Council is an integral part of the student union that works alongside the Executives. For more information on who they are and what they do, click here.


SUNSCAD also hires one full-time staff member to help out with administrative work all year, our Resource Coordinator. Our Resource Coordinator works in the SUNSCAD Office (D-250), and will be able to help students with any questions, suggestions and concerns.