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It’s a Wrap! End-of-Semester Event!

Angela Sande (left) and Gabriella Ciurcovich (right) playing melodious Jazz tunes while the students and SUNSCAD were enjoying delicious Filipino deserts at Xena’s Bread & Butter, celebrating their successes and learning opportunities of the Winter 2023 semester.
April 22nd, 2023
Thanking the Wonderful musicians for celebrating
this day with us!
All smiles!! Joyful yet saying goodbye to a beautiful semester of growth and opportunities…also, fairwell to our peers, whom we will miss so much over the course of the Spring+Summer :/


Eid Came Early This Year!

Goody Bags from SUNSCAD to YOU! – April 13th, 2023

As the Winter semester is coming to an end, the SUNSCAD team decided to provide the students with a little boost: Eid Goody Bags & Care Packs filled with a (relatively) healthy snack selection with fun facts about Eid making a fun educational experience fueling the last week of hard work!!!