Collectives are formed by members of the student body in order to unite individuals around common issues, activities, or goals. A collective can be formed to organize, elevate, support, unite, advocate, or otherwise empower any constituency within the student body. All Collectives need to be ratified every year. Forms can be found here.

Ongoing Collectives

BIPOC Collective 

Mohammed Aadil Kallivalappil,
Hosting meetings for Black Indigenous + People of Colour students in closed spaces. A space to gather, heal, vent, organize, and meet other BIPOC students.

Past Collectives THAT can be brought back

Feminist Collective 
The NSCAD Feminist Collective is an inclusive space for those wanting to take action or discuss various issues surrounding gender and/or social justice.

Indigenous Collective
To network and collaborate with Indigenous Students towards common art-making and curatorial practices.

Mental Health Collective
This group will meet once a month to take in city outings that include but are not limited to gallery visits, artist talks, and trips to the park. The purpose of the group is to:

  • To get outside school and explore the city
  • To meet new people
  • The opportunity to talk about mental health
  • No pressure to talk about mental health, but to know that this is a safe time to do so
  • To normalize the talk around mental health
  • To work towards ending the stigma around mental health

POC Collective 
The POC Collective will be focusing on creating creative and educational things about race in a safe space. We will create a space and opportunities for racialized folks to meet in solidarity with peer support.

Queer Collective
The NSCAD Queer Collective wishes to uphold a strong presence within NSCAD with the intention of creating an inclusive community for those who identify as Queer, Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans*, Two-spirit, Bisexual, Asexual, and Gay (QUILTTBAG) and our allies. Regardless of the fact that NSCAD is perceived as an alternative and progressive institution, creating safer spaces for QUILTTBAG students is imperative for the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all students. We hope that establishing a strong community within our school will contribute to our communities outside of the university. We support each other when facing challenges and barriers based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. We advocate non-discriminatory language and behaviour towards QUILTTBAG individuals. We aim to open dialogue with fellow students, faculty, and staff on past, current, and potential gender-based issues within academic settings and our communities.