Collectives are formed by members of the student body in order to unite individuals around common issues, activities, or goals. A collective can be formed to organize, elevate, support, unite, advocate, or otherwise empower any constituency within the student body. SUNSCAD has 5 standing collectives, otherwise collectives must seek ratification annually. Forms can be found here.

The standing SUNSCAD Collectives are:

Indigenous Collective

Active, organized by Brad Jones

To network and collaborate Indigenous Students towards common art making and curatorial practices.

Feminist Collective

Queer Collective

Mental Health Collective

Active, organized by Chris Parsons and Jessica McDonald

This group will meet once a month to take in city outings that include but are not limited to gallery visits, artist talks, and trips to the park. The purpose of the group is to:

  • To get outside school and to explore the city
  • To meet new people
  • The opportunity to talk about mental health
  • No pressure to talk about mental health, but to know that this is a safe time to do so
  • To normalize the talk around mental health
  • To work towards ending the stigma around mental health

POC Collective

Active, organized by Whitney Jones

The POC Collective will be focusing on creating creative and educational things about race in a safe space. We will create a space and opportunities for racialized folks to meet in solidarity with peer support.

BIPOC Collective

Active, organized by Kassidy Bernard

Hosting meetings for Black Indigenous + People of Colour students in closed spaces. A space to gather, heal, vent, organize, and meet other BIPOC students.


Clubs are formed by members of the student body to organize around recreational actives. Clubs are ratified annually and require 10 signatures from interested students. Forms can be found here.

NSCAD Print Club

Print club aims to build community within the print department as well as to help students make connections in the print community to sell work. We will organize print sales so that students have an opportunity to sell their work. We organize national and international print exchanges with other universities. We will generate income from print sales to help students fund print related trips and pay for visiting artists. Print Club educates people outside of the print department about what printmaking is and what we do here.

For more information, contact Freyja Caskie.

Knitting Club

Knitting Club is a club to promote calm and healthy atmospheres through craft, specifically textiles/knitting. We will aim to meet 1-2 times a week in a public space on NSCAD campus to relax and have a safer decompression space while being productive.

For more information, contact Fern Pellerin.

The Gazers

Gazers is a NSCAD collective hosting screenings of films old and new from North America and abroad, with space for critical discussion post screening. All are welcome!

For more information, contact Spencer Clerk by Email or Facebook Group.

Movement Collective

Movement Collective is a group based in body practices of any kind practices and exercises are done and led collaboratively for anyone from any background with extensive to no experience. It is a space for people to come and change their awareness from the everyday capitalist driven one where our bodies knowledge is forgotten.

For more information, contact Robin Jarvis by Email.

Design Club

This is a gathering for anyone in NSCAD who is willing to volunteer to design posters for events that are going on in NSCAD. We will also provide feedback for each other’s design project if we have time.

For more information, contact Robin Gu by Email or Facebook Group Chat.

Sound/Noise Collective

The Sound/Noise Collective is a response to NSCAD’s rich sound/noise/music history and limited offerings of sound art related classes in the course calendar. We are a group that will share often inaccessible knowledge about sound technology and discuss modern examples. We would also like to host occasional performance events at the Art Bar.

For more information, contact Emma Allain or Andrew Thorne by Email or Facebook Group.

Enactus NSCAD

Enactus NSCAD strives to create social enterprise business ideas that make our community/world a better place.

For more information, contact Freya Poirier by Email or Facebook Group.